Love For You Tonight

from The Procedural Generation by Avian Invasion



On The Procedural Generation, Seattle, WA producer Avian Invasion weaves acid-drenched synths and dubby sub warbles together with a propulsive progressive rhythmic urgency. Funky breaks bloom into Moroder-esque proto-futurist excursions, while Gospel organs lay the foundation roof raising House vocals. While the music on this EP is eminently contemporary, threads of canon are laced elegantly throughout. The Procedural Generation is the work of a unique creative that flips deftly through the history of electronic music like records in a milk crate.

Avian Invasion began their rebirth as a dance music producer by embracing the knowledge of those around them. First, they stumbled blindly in space, making thumping noises and structuring songs the same way they did in their prior life in the rock dimension. As it turns out, that doesn't make DJ's very happy. Every day since then has been an opportunity for new discovery.

First, a return to the galactic center; the turntables. This taught Avian Invasion what worked best for those responsible for making the clubs shake. Then, trial by fire. A years’ worth of singles that, in hindsight, were perhaps not so great. Yet, “you'd be surprised how forgiving an audience can be when you're playing it through a huge sound system and jumping onto the dance floor for a keytar solo” explains Avian Invasion.

Month after month they continued, working tirelessly to refine their craft. Learning sacred techniques from the elders, discovering the sounds that flowed most naturally. All this time, they were streaming weekly DJ sets and touring the United States. “Every show I played was an opportunity to watch and listen to more experienced DJ's doing their thing. Every day is still school, and I don't think that'll ever stop.”

While much of the entertainment world was terribly hobbled by the global pandemic, Avian Invasion’s long history of well-loved live-stream DJ sets spared them from the worst of it. However, the past year led them to focus more on the listening experience than the dance floor experience. Less about the big-room punchy sounds, more about the subtle, nuanced textures.

More than just music that is (undeniably) uplifting and energetic, The Procedural Generation is deeply inspiring. “I want to create music that helps people find a source of joy within themselves” says Avian Invasion. “A well that won't dry up when the track ends. I want to help them find the beauty and the light in others, something that's difficult to do in a cynical world.”

Now, though, there's a light at the end of that tunnel. It’s once more time to chase the bang in the elusive banger. To remember what it feels like when the full force of a main-stage subwoofer compresses your chest and knocks you back a step. Both deeply soulful, dusted with playful synth-pop touches, and – dare we say it – downright banging - The Procedural Generation is EDM that will entrance headphone psychonauts and decibel devotees alike. A melodic transmission from the temple of bass, The Procedural Generation is a euphoric declaration that You Are Alive, Your Are Beautiful, and You Are Not Alone.


I don't wake up in the morning
I just fall out of bed
Tryin' to catch these noises
Fallin' out my head
Soak my brain in caffeine
To spark that burning light
I work ten hours a day
But you wanna play
So let's go downtown tonight

'Cause I want love, love
All I want from you tonight is
Love, love
All I got for you tonight is
Love, love for you tonight.


from The Procedural Generation, released July 7, 2021
Mastered by Oddy


all rights reserved



Avian Invasion Seattle, Washington

Avian Invasion is an American EDM act known for a captivating blend of trance and progressive house. DJ/performer Bird One blends live vocals and keyboards with modern dance music for a truly unique show. With sci-fi flavor and an emphasis on beauty and positivity, B1 has inspired fans from around the world seeking to escape their normal lives. ... more

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